Ignite Dance Academy Policies & Registration

Registration Policies:

1. STUDENTS MUST BE the minimum age within the first four weeks of the session and potty trained by the first date of class.

2. ALL LEVEL I AND YOUNGER CLASSES must have at least four students enrolled one week before a session starts. Otherwise they will be cancelled at that time. These classes will also be capped at 10-12
students and another class or a waiting list will be created.

3. YOU MAY COME AND TRY A CLASS FOR FREE, then submit payment, but a liability form must be completed before you take class.

Class Policies:

1. PARENTS & SIBLINGS ARE ASKED to observe their child’s class
during the first week of the month ONLY. Having parents there,
especially siblings who may be a little active, can easily distract the
students, making it harder for the teacher to teach. Parents are asked to
bring quiet activities for siblings and to keep the noise level down (especially
in hallways), in order to respect other classes and ministries.


3. IGNITE DANCE ACADEMY reserves the right to change classes at any
time without notice.

4. AFTER THREE WEEKS of absenteeism, a student will automatically
be dropped from the class and their spot given away, unless prior
notification was given to the studio administrator. Additionally, if prior
notice was not received, the parent/dancer will still be responsible for
paying tuition that month. Out of fairness for those on the waiting list,
if a dancer takes a month off, tuition must be paid for that missed month
in order to hold their spot in the class.

5. NO VIDEOTAPING OR PICTURES are allowed unless permission has
first been obtained from the instructor. If you are taking pictures or
video of dancers other than your own child, permission must also be
obtained from that child’s parent.

from the classroom. Students Level I and younger will not be released from the
room without a parent being present unless another arrangement has been made
with the instructor. Children in this age group will not be permitted to go to the
restroom without a teacher or teacher’s assistant or parent.

7. PARTNERS must be actively taking Ballet IV and Jazz IV and be at least
16 years old.

8. ALL STUDENTS must check in at the Registration Table in the main
lobby before class EVERY week.

9. STUDENTS NOT ADHERING to the dress code may be asked not to
take class until they are properly attired.

10. STUDENTS ON POINTE must also be actively enrolled in two other
ballet classes during the week.

11. IN ORDER TO enroll in Ballet II/III or Ballet III/IV, the dancer must also be
taking a core technique class – Ballet IIB, Ballet III or Ballet IV. The same
policy applies to Jazz III/IV.

12. IN ORDER TO take a contemporary class, you must be actively enrolled in a
jazz and ballet class.

13. PLEASE HAVE YOUNGER DANCERS use the bathroom before class. If a
child is taking multiple classes, please also send them with a healthy snack.

14. IF A PARENT IS LATE picking up a child from class, the child will be taken
to the teacher’s next class.

Performance Policies:

1. IN ORDER TO participate in the Spring Recital (first Saturday in
June), you must start class no later than the first week of March
of that calendar year and must have good attendance.

2. IN ORDER TO participate in the Christmas Show (rehearsals are
outside of class time), dancers must be actively enrolled in at least one
class during the Fall Session and pay the $20 participation fee.

3. RECITAL COSTUMES will be ordered during the Spring Session. A
costume guide with prices will be given out to parents and students in
March and payment will be due the first week of May. Costumes will be
$40-$50 each.

4. IF A CLASS IS DROPPED after February 15, the dancer/parent will still
be responsible for the cost of the recital costume.


Tuition Policies:

1. TUITION is $30 a month ($5 discount for River City attendees), $60 for two
classes a month, etc. Zumba is $5 per class or $20 for a 10-class punch
card that expires 90 days after purchase.

2. TWO HOUR classes are $60 a month ($10 discount for River City attendees).

3. PAYMENT is due by the 5th of each month. Please put payment in the
drop box in the Rehearsal Room or turn it in at the Registration Table
in the lobby. There are envelopes available for cash payments. Tuition may
also be paid online at rivercitychristian.org/dance on the tuition part of the

4. JUNE TUITION will be $10 per class to cover costs associated with recital week.

5. NO REFUNDS or credit will be given for missed classes. Pro-rating of tuition
is for late admission into a class, not to adjust for classes missed. Tuition pays not
just for teaching time, but for equipment that keep the studio open.

6. LIMITED MAKE UP classes are available for absences due to illness or
extenuating circumstances. Please arrange these with your instructor.


Ignite Dance Academy Sick Policy:
Please do not send your child to class, performance or rehearsal if they
have the following symptoms:
• Runny nose with thick, yellow or green discharge
• Earache
• Stomach ache/abdominal pain
• Vomiting
• Rash
• Fever
• Constant cough/wheezing or productive cough
• Diarrhea
• Sore throat and/or swollen glands
• Red eyes, or eyes with any discharge
Kids must be symptom-free for 24 hours before coming to the studio. If
antibiotics have been prescribed the child must have taken at least four
If a child becomes ill at the studio, we will call for you to come and take the child home immediately, to prevent the spread of illness.
On the day of Dress Rehearsal or Recital the Chapel Manager will make the final call on if a child is too sick to perform.