Dance Academy

Ignite Dance Academy at River City Christian was born out of a desire to encourage children and adults to enjoy the art of dance and develop their gifts in this area. We believe that God created dance as a form of expression for us and we desire to encourage and develop the dancer in each student. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards of technical performance in a wholesome environment while making classes fun. Whether or not a student chooses to continue to dance, we believe that the benefits can enrich their whole life.

Class Styles


Acquire flexibility, muscular strength and physical endurance, as well as a working knowledge of French dance terminology.


Explore various styles such as classical, jazz and rhythm tap and clogging,  A refinement of style and artistry will be emphasized.


Focus on choreography and emotional expression through movement and learn and/or improve improvisational skills.

Teen/Adult Intro

New dancers, ages 13-adult, will gain movement experiences and fundamental knowledge of the basics of dance.


Designed to challenge the advanced student and build comfort in partner dancing. Styles include swing, ballet, modern and jazz.

Musical Theatre

Learn performance skills like connecting with an audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.


Latin-inspired, dance fitness class that incorporates music and dance movements. A dynamic and effective fitness program.

Hip Hop/Break Dance

Visit studiotdance.com for information on these classes provided by our partner studio.