In light of the recommendation from our governor in regards to the coronavirus, and in an effort to secure the safety of our members and the public at large, High School Ministries will not meet in person until further notice.

We will continue to be here to keep your high school student engaged in their church community through our social media platforms. We encourage students to follow and interact with us on the High School Ministries Instagram account and the Student Ministries Tik Tok and YouTube accounts where we will be sharing encouraging, challenging and entertaining content often.

We also encourgae you to join our texting service for updates. Text HSM to 916-915-0905 to opt in.

River City Christian’s High School Ministry hopes to engage students wherever they are in their faith journey, whether they have been raised in the church or just stepping into a church building for the first time. We believe high school students have the potential to make a significant impact on their friends, families, schools, or any other part of their life. To help them discover more about Jesus we gather Sunday evenings to hang out, get to know each other, worship, and dive into scripture. With thousands of students in the greater Sacramento area, it is our hope to reach, develop, and support students in a way that will impact their relationship with Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Sunday Nights

6:00-8:00 p.m. in Room 214 

Hang out with other high school students and engage in worship and a message.

Weekly Small Groups

Several groups of high school students meet throughout the week to provide community and spiritual growth. Currently, small groups meet on the the following days/times. Email or text “HSM” to (916) 915-0905  if you have any questions or would like to join one of our college small groups.


6:30-8:30 p.m.
Guys group

Led by David
at River City Christian

Currently going through Romans.


7:00-8:30 p.m.
Girls group

Led by Yvonne
at River City Christian

Currently going through a book on relationships.


Girl’s group

Led by Kaleasha
at River City Christian

Currently going through a study on finding identity in Christ as his daughters.



7:00-8:30 p.m.
Co-ed group

Led by Lauren 
meets in Annatolia)

Currently going through Romans.


10:00-11:00 a.m.
Guy’s group

Led by Justin
at River City Christian

Currently going through Romans.



5:00-6:00 p.m.
Girl’s group

Led by Amber
at River City Christian

Currently going through a study on recognizing the beauty on how God’s created you.


Josh Cagle, River City Christian’s Next Gen Pastor, has been on staff for just over two years and is passionate about working with students and their families. Josh recognizes that being a student is tough, which is why he loves helping students navigate their faith as they go through this critical time of life. Josh and his wife, Amber, have been married for over twenty years and have two sons. As a family, they love getting away to the beach, going camping, and playing or watching sports. The thing Josh loves most about his job is spending time with students on Global Outreach Trips or at camps because he says, “It is amazing to watch God move during those incredible trips!”


Are leaders and volunteers background checked?

Yes, the safety of your student is extremely important to River City Christian. One of the steps we take to ensure safety is requiring background checks on all volunteers working with students 18 and under.

Does my student have to be Christian to attend?

No. Jesus told us to go out and make disciples. It is our hope that we will be able to help your student’s faith develop no matter where they are in their own personal spiritual journey. We seek to create environments in which students will feel comfortable bringing their friends whether they consider themselves Christians yet or not.

What are you teaching my student?

We believe the Word of God is to be held with high regard. So, each leadership team within River City Student Ministries spends time carefully planning out series that will communicate the truths of scripture in a relevant way. You are always welcome to ask about the current series that is being taught.

What happens during small groups?

We believe participation in small groups is the most effective way for students to connect with each other and with adult leaders who sincerely care about them. Small groups discuss the lessons that were presented in the big group, develop relationships with one another through sharing life experiences, play games that build trust and community, and pray for one another.

Does my student need to check-in when they arrive?

If your student is in Club 45 or 678, yes. We have kiosks at “The Hub” that allow for a quick check in on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Checking in helps us minister to each family in a number of ways. It allows us to follow up with your student, know who is on campus, and have the most up to date contact information for communication purposes.

What if my student has food or other allergies?

If your student has food allergies please let the pastor of that area know right away. At all events as well as trips off campus, we do our best to make sure each student’s dietary needs are safely met.

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