Monty Wood


Before coming to work at River City Christian, Monty had a variety of experiences in both the corporate world and in ministry. He received his degree in Business Administration from Sacramento State University and has worked for Intel, Century 21 Realty and various financial institutions. His previous ministry experiences have included a part time director position with Youth For Christ/Campus Life, a youth internship at Temple Baptist Church, and the Youth Pastor assignment at Stockton Covenant Church.

Monty is married to Betty and they have two grown children Christopher and Sarah. Together they enjoy spending time with their four grandchildren as well as golfing, traveling, hiking and biking.

1. What three words best describe your role at River City Christian?
Adventurer, team player, steady plodder

2. What is one thing about you that might surprise people?
I like to surf on a flow rider. It’s one of my favorite activities on board a cruise ship.

3. What is one name or title for Jesus that has special significance for you?
Jesus is all about “relationship.” He loves us even though we do not deserve his love.

4. If you were not working for the church, what career might you pursue and why?
I would probably be a financial counselor using biblical principles to help people manage their finances God’s Way.

5. Besides the Bible, what one book has had the most influence on your faith and why?
Half Time by Bob Buford because he helped me see the gifts that God gave me and use them for His work.

6. If you could have lunch with one famous personality living today, who would it be and what would you talk about?
I would want to have lunch with Billy Graham. There would be so much I would want to ask him about his life with God over the years.