Our Story

Our family’s experience with foster care and adoption began as I (Amy) worked in the foster care system.  As a former Social Worker and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I have seen firsthand the extensive need that lies within our community and the desire children have to belong to a family.  We are passionate about the people of God stepping in to care for those without a family.  Ultimately, that is what God has done for each of us who calls Him Father.

The need is great.  As my husband Jamey and I started our own family, God began stirring in our hearts a desire to take an active role in caring for orphans. As only God can do, He repeatedly brought to mind a child that I had worked with who was in need of a forever family. There was no denying that God had a plan for us as He opened us up to His heart for orphans and this little boy. Although I had not seen him for over a year, God opened every door possible for us to provide a family and adopt the child with special needs that I had worked with from infancy.  We went through a lot of transition but the Lord has molded us into a forever family.  Jamey and I regularly experience the grace of God as we walk through this unique parenting journey.

As a family we are excited to see how God is using Chosen Ones and our River City Christian family to care for orphans.

Amy Byrne

Ministry Leader for Chosen Ones