Connecting River City Christian with Cordova Villa Elementary School year round!

The vision of Every School Partnership is to connect one or more church partners with every public elementary, middle, continuation and high school by 2018, as identified and requested by the school administration. The five core principles for River City Christian’s partnership with Cordova Villa Elementary are:

  1. Relationship
  2. Service
  3. Integrity with Excellence
  4. Sustained Commitment
  5. Community Celebration

Our strategy includes identifying needs with the school administration and then sharing several specific projects that the people of River City Christian could potentially assist with or donate to. Opportunities include:

  • Serving food
  • Driving for local field trips
  • Crosswalk guard
  • Classroom reader
  • Sports coach
  • Decorating
  • Prayer


Email with questions or for more information about the School Partnership program.