Taking a Selfie with Jesus



One of the responses to our first post posed this interesting scenario: Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from the mouth (or keystrokes) of Jesus about how we practically deal with and address insecurity TODAY in the world of Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat…

So here we go.  As we stated in the first blog, we think if Jesus were walking the earth today He would likely be utilizing social media.  We see CEO’s, celebrities, athletes, preachers, even Pope Francis using social media.  While social media has the power to connect us with people around the world in ways that we’ve never had available to us before, we also must admit that there are numerous weaknesses and dangers inherent in a culture that is so driven by the power of the internet.

Social media allows its users to continually EDIT their profiles, their posts, their likes, their dislikes, their activities based on the reaction of others.  If someone makes a negative comment about your most recent selfie at the gym (saying you need to do more crunches!) all you have to do is delete it, suck in your gut and post a more flattering picture.  But the perception you post is rarely the real you.  Inside you know that the image you are trying to portray on social media is deeply affected by the reaction you get, or don’t get, from those who follow you.  We want people to like us, even if the “us” that they like is highly edited.

If Jesus was blogging about this, we think He might tell us all to relax a little.  Stop trying to be something that you’re not.  Be yourself.  Be honest about your weaknesses and your blemishes.  And realize you are cherished by a loving heavenly Father.  We think Jesus would want you to know that He loves you, just the way you are, the unedited version of you.  Sure there’s stuff to work on and improve, but the wonderful truth of the Gospel is that Jesus is crazy about you.

If Jesus was online, He’d take a selfie with you, proudly post it, and change His relationship status to show the world that He is committed to you.

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