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As we struggled through the process of building a new website for River City Christian, one thing that everyone seemed to agree on was that we wanted to include a blog. The development team added that to the list of proposed pages, but the details of other pages overshadowed the development of a blog. As we were making last minute decisions about stylization, content and graphics for the site, a comment was made about needing to upload the first blog. Hmmm. Ok. Well. We can do that… but we need to know what our blog is going to be about. #epicfail on taking time to work on that!

A quick Google search for “Christian blogs” and you can find a ton of results dealing with women’s issues, men’s issues, raising a family, engaging culture, defending our faith from culture, attacking culture, politics from various points on the spectrum, controversial topics, church growth, the house church movement, financial advice, pop “Christianized” psychology, and the list goes on.

So what about us? What’s our blog going to be about? What can we do that’s creative? We need to come up with something! Silence.Blank computer screen.Minds wandering on to other things.Tummies growling.

Then we had a simple idea. You might think it’s too reminiscent of the WWJD craze that swept across America in the 90s. (For those of you too young to remember that era, WWJD asked the question, “What Would Jesus Do?” and had its roots in the preaching of Charles Spurgeon and the novel In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. The question was supposed to guide you into making more godly decisions in everyday life.) But with an impending website deadline upon us, we asked ourselves a similar question, “What Would Jesus Blog?” (No, we are not going to try to force the WWJB abbreviation into American culture!) We decided that it was a worthwhile topic. If Jesus were walking the earth today, perhaps He would be a master of connecting on social media, posting inspirational thoughts on Facebook from what others dubbed “The Sermon on the Mount,” publishing photos of adventures with the disciples on Instagram (can you imagine how many would share a shot of Peter trying to walk on water?!) and tweeting about a great coffee shop He frequented on the shores of Galilee. And maybe Jesus would go a step further and start His own blog for those who wanted to know what He was thinking but who didn’t really want to commit wandering around dusty Judea wearing sandals and a long robe.

So that’s it. A decision has been made. We’re going to blog about what we think Jesus would blog about. We have a head start because Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have already archived some pretty interesting things that Jesus said and they are amazingly relevant today. But we want your input. What do you think Jesus would blog about today? What kinds of topics, real life dilemmas, pressing social issues, new recipes, DIY carpentry projects, movies, books, trends and ideas would Jesus write about?

We’re waiting for your response. Not sure which one we’ll try to answer first, and not sure how we’ll answer it, but we have to start somewhere.

Welcome to “The Jesus Blog”!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to River City Christian

  1. as you begin this relevant, timely sermon series on Nehemiah, why not give our first-time visitors some of that context too?
    We are River City. we are called to pray, invest, reach this city, this neighborhood, this household, this workplace, this coffee shop, this ball field…

  2. Getting into Jesus’ head is no easy feat, but we know that because God cares about the things we care about, He knows us… God cares about the things I care about. He knows me. So there’s no hiding or wondering what He would talk about or share with us; He would talk about everything!!

    For starters, I think if Jesus were to blog today, one of His top ten topics would be to address the issue of who I am in Him and to stop comparing myself to others. Rest in Him and realize that who I am, my SHAPE (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, experiences) is exactly who He created me to be. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from the mouth (or keystrokes) of Jesus about how we practically deal with and address insecurity TODAY in the world of Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat…

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